Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Snowman

The Snowman

Made In Pine Bush NY

Not in China

This is the most funniest looking Snowman I ever saw. My sister Michele sent this of my Brother In-law Lee and my niece Alexis. Took the time to build this snowman. After they got done building the snowman. It started to thunder and lighting. It started to rain. Now she tells me that the snowman is a puddle of water.
Name: Snowman
Born: February 26, 2008 Pine Bush Organge County New York
Died: February 26, 2008 Pine Bush Orange County New York
Spouse: Didn't have a chance to get married
Parents: God
Occupation: Looking Stupid
Cause of Death: Rain
Interment: The Sewer Pine Bush New York

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Toucan's Dessert 2-15-08

Toucan's Desserts

Milky Way Cake Have you ever visited the Milky Way? Now you can right from your table. Our cake takes you right into a chocolaty orbit full of luscious Richard cake filled with a delectable caramel mousse.

Toucan’s Cheese Cakes From the Jungle to the Big Apple we offer you the best cheesecake you will find north of the Tropics. Ours is light, fluffy, and delectable and is the perfect.

Polly Toasted Pound Cake Sometimes pound cake can seem so boring, so Toucan’s restaurant found away to Toucan it up. They decided the best way to slice it thick lightly toasted it on both sides, add vanilla-bean ice cream and for a unique twist add caramelized bananas and top if off with chocolate sauce

Touncan The Menu Choice 2-15-08

Toucan's Resturant

House Salad w/ ranch Getting back to the basic, a bed of mixed greens, tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and purple onions. Topped with freshly grated cheese and croutons.

Blackened Barramundi a tidal wave of Flavor is about to explode on your taste buds! A tender white filet of Barramundi is lightly season and pan fried, then paired off with flavorful tomato-basil infused rice and roasted red peppers pesto.

Chicken Georgia Visit the Deep South in a flavorful rendition of sautéed chicken breast, sweet onions and mushrooms simmered to infuse their flavors then topped with mozzarella cheese.

Friday, February 15, 2008


270 450 0388

Nice setting to have a nice relaxing drink

Toucan's Resturant is a very nice Setting, The Flower paintings give the room a nice feeling of being in a garden
My sons and I started our dining experience with an Appetizer 3-Cheesee Artichoke Dip
A Cheesy take on another classic combine cream Cheese, freshly grated parmesan, shredded
mozzarella and crisp artichoke hearts and you have a wonderfully delicious dip served with toasted baguette.

Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild


Two Girls fighting it out. Nature vs Nuture and guess what? Nature is taking is course in fighting it out.

Video Prodived by My Daughter Sarah. The Kitty Fight took Place In Bismarck North Dakota

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Naked Cowboy and Naked M&M's

February 13, 2008, 11:25 am

The Naked Cowboy Sues the Naked M&M
Posted by Dan Slater

When the Law Blog strolls through Times Square and sees the so-called Naked Cowboy — the guitar-strumming street-singer whose uniform is limited to cowboy boots, a hat, and a pair of briefs — several questions occur to us: Doesn’t the Naked Cowboy get cold? When does the Naked Cowboy eat? Does the Naked Cowboy have a family?

But here’s a thought we never had: Does the Naked Cowboy ever worry about identity theft? How about trademark infringement?

Well, according to the New York Post, he indeed has law on the brain. The Naked Cowboy, whose real name is Robert Burck, is suing Mars Inc. for $6 million for dressing an animated M&M in Burck’s signature outfit and broadcasting it on a video billboard. While not quite a doppleganger, the animated M&M is reportedly dressed in a white cowboy hat, boots and briefs for several seconds of a nearly five-minute video that also features the candy in street scenes and as city icons, including King Kong and the Statue of Liberty.

“My initial response was like, ‘Wow that’s cool,’ ” said Burck, 37. “The artist seeks to create the world in his own image. Obviously I was overjoyed . . . . It took years for people not to say that’s a stupid idea. . . . All I’ve got is my underwear. It’s the most brilliant thing that’s ever been created from a marketing perspective. You can’t stop it.” Mars declined to comment to the Post.

OK, LB loyals, we know there are trademark mavens out there. What does Burck need to show to make out a case for trademark infringement?

Law Blog YouTube Video of the Day: For those Law Blog readers who are unfamiliar with the Naked Cowboy’s shtick, click here for a typical sampling of his work.
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Kitty Play

Well Cats provide the World greatest. This is my daughter's greatest cat. Watch her play with her person Jungle Jim.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Naked Cowboy & Jeannette

The Naked Cowboy & Jeannette; Robert is a very nice person. He is what the world needs a kind sexy sweet soul. In the Heart of Nashville. The home of the Cowboys. This was taken at the Corner of Tooties. Patsy Cline's old Stomping Ground. Check Robert in my Homeland of Times Square NY [Youtube.com] Singing in Times Square.

Cat Fancy


Cats are fun and entertaining
I just finished the Hello Kitty Blanket for
my niece Alexis. With Kitty in white in a black back ground.

Naked Cowboy of Nashville Tennessee

Robert John Burck
December 23, 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio


No Shortage of Fruit of the Looms
Join the Naked Cowboy of Nashville Tennessee
Nice Site for the Kids.
Febraury 21, 2007
This my Year in Review.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My son and I got Rose from PetSmart in Clarksville Tennessee. She was only two weeks old.


2484 Wilma Rudolph BLVD Clarksville TN

931 906 8069