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This What Happen To WDAD's Nashville Radio Station Ownership 1925-1937

This What Happen To WDAD's Nashville Radio Station Ownership 1925-1937

What Happened to WDAD Dad's Auto accessories owner of the Station 
Lovell Nathan Smith 1895-1971

WDAD owned by Lovell Nathan Smith of Auto accessories He was the 1st to played the part of introducing Country Music to Nashville, Tennessee. He allowed Dr. Humphrey Bates To Play on his Station to Help sell his Auto accessories. Their first Airing Date was September 14, 1925. This was three weeks before WSM was to air October 5, 1925 WSM was the third Radio Station in Nashville, Tennessee.

The first Three Radio Stations of Nashville TN and what happened to them 

Now the Key ingredient to these three radio stations was Jack DeWitt Jr. A 16 year old (1906-1991) set all these three stations up In Nashville, TN. 1st was 1st WDAA 2nd WDAD & 3rd WSM


By Jeannette K. Rook Genealogist Researcher.

he Tennessean Nashville, Tennessee September 20, 1925 Sun Page 2 WDAD Lovell N. Smith

The Tennessean Nashville, Tennessee 13 Sep 1925 Sun Page 6  WDAD the Beginning

Obituary of Lovell Nathan Smith

The Tennessean Nashville, Tennessee April 23, 1971 Fri Page 23  Lovell Nathan Smith

Services for Lovell Smith, 77, who organized Nashville’s first commercial radio station, will be at 11:30 a.m. today at Roesch-Patton Cosmopolitan Funeral Home.

The REV. Robert Neil Will officiate. Burial Will be in Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens.

SMITH, OF Rt. 5, Smith Harpeth at Road, died Wednesday Thomas Hospital.

Smith was born in Linton, Tenn., and educated in Davidson County Schools.

In 1925 he opened radio Station WDAD Which was later bought by WLAC.  In 1937 Smith went into the Furniture business in Cookeville.  Eight years later, had he had furniture stores in Sparta, Carthage, Gainesboro, Livingston and Celina, Tenn.

AT THE TIME of his death, Smith managed and operated a 350-acre farm in the Linton South Harpeth Road area.

Survivors include. Widow, Mrs. Mary Watkins Smith; a son, L. Maxwell Smith, three sisters, Mrs. Willie V. Lawrence, Mrs. Dixie Kinzer and Mrs. Eunice Simpson, all of Nashville, and four grandChildren.

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