Monday, July 27, 2020

Question from Is it right for a mother to not like it when her daughter is talking to boys online?

Well its also the same Daddies don’t like their little girls talking to boys online either.
Men and women are hypocrites. Acting like its a bad thing when Girls talk to a boy like its a crime.
When I was a little girl My girl friend would make me call a guy she like and I would ask the boy if he like to the girl and then the boy would well I don’t know. Here is a classic Seen from Billy Madison with Adam Sandler
Title Billy Madison
Starring Billy Madison Adam Sandler,  Ernie  played by Jared Cook & Miss Vaughn Bridgett Wilson
Release 1995 
Here is example what we did as kids before social media
PS Parents need to remember they where kids once. Especially Mommy when she was boy crazy.