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Sherwood Anderson Connection to JFK's Assassination Author of Winesburg Ohio

Sherwood Anderson
                                                                    Connection to
                                                              JFK’s assassination
                                                          American Author of Winesburg Ohio

289) Cecil W. Stoughton, White House Photographer, rode in Camera Car#2 in motorcade:
Cecil William Stoughton [1920-2008] shares a vehicle with Henry Dashiell Burroughs.
He is the only White House Press Photographer who boarded Air Force One and captured the 36th President of The United States being Sworn in Aboard Air Force One.  Lady Bird Johnson, LBJ and Widow Jacquelyn  Kennedy.


290) Henry Dashiell Burroughs, AP B&W still photographer, rode in Cam-era Car #2 in motorcade:
Position in Motorcade

We, the pool, were dismayed to find our pool car shoved back to about #11 position in the motorcade. We protested, but it was too late.

When we ar-rived, Air Force One had been cordoned off by Army troops, but the ramp was still in place. Before we could worry about what to do, the plane door opened and out popped Maj. Cecil Staughten [sic]. He saw us stand-ing by and came over. He had a roll of film in his hand, and announced that he had just photographed the swearing-in of President Johnson, and asked me if AP would process the pictures and pool them with UPI. Can-cellare and I readily agreed and that's how that famous picture aboard Air Force One was transmitted to the world. Hope this is of some help.


Notes: Cecil William Stoughton photographs President Johnson—hands the rolls of film to Henry to Process:  Henry is the first person to view the photograph that is now a part of major history

Photo by Cecil William Stoughton

Developer: Henry Dashiell Burroughs of this famous photo

The motorcade consisted of numerous cars, police motorcycles and press buses:
Second camera car: Frank Cancellare, UPI; Cecil Stoughton, White House photographer; Henry Burroughs, AP; Art Rickerby, Life magazine; Donald C. “Clint” Grant, Dallas Morning News. Dallas Police motorcycle escorts H.B. McLain and Marion L. Baker.

Henry Dashiell Burroughs: [1918-2000] Married 18 Jan 1941 Baltimore Maryland Anna Elizabeth Anderson [1911-1963] the Niece of Sherwood Berton Anderson[1876-1963]the famous late author Of Winesburg Ohio 1919.


Newspaper Title
Date of Publication
Washington Post, Times Herald, The (1959-1973)
Washington, District of Columbia
29 Apr 1963

The Obituary of Anna Elizabeth Anderson Source:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, "Texas, Deaths, 1890-1976"
Web Source Image:


Close-ups of History: Three Decades through the Lens of an AP Photographer by Henry D. Burroughs and Margaret Burroughs (May 15, 2007)

by Henry D. Burroughs(Author),Margaret Burroughs(Editor, Introduction)

 A shooter for the Associated Press for thirty-three years, Henry Burroughs was assigned to the Washington bureau, and his photos appeared frequently in newspapers around the world, as well as on the covers of Life and other magazines. Close-ups of History is a collection of more than one hundred photos that will amaze all who follow world events. Here is Burroughs s surreptitious shot reproduced around the world of Marshal Henri Philippe P??tain receiving his death sentence and an intimate photo of Jackie Kennedy congratulating her husband after his inaugural address. Depicting presidents and astronauts, the famous and the infamous, these images are accompanied by text that lends insight into how Burroughs went about photographing his subjects.


Anna Elizabeth Anderson [nee Burroughs] was the daughter of Irwin McLain Anderson Jr. the younger brother of Sherwood Anderson.