Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti THE EarthQuake JANUARY 12, 2010

People listen and stop listening to the left wing nutty loons out there who critize the American Efforts who are helping the people who so need us.

I have donated by texting the Clinton Foundation: 20222 I have TXT TEN times to donate $100.00 to help.

Do not donate to organization that are just cropping up these peope so need our help.

PLease people call the local RED Cross or TXT 90999 and just once $10.00 will be billed to your cell phone same with the President Clinton Foundation.

RED Cross

President William J. Clinton

Please people I know times are tough. However, Times are a lot harder in Haiti. So please donate to the Red Cross or to the President Clinton Foundation.

This is not about politics its about saving people lives. Save the Haitians. My prayers and thoughts are with the people and if they see my blog. I will do what I can.

I love people.

GOD I want you all to know I love all of yeah I hope my message is well received. PLease donate to the two organizations that I know the money will make to the people who are in desparate need.

Jeannette K. Rook