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Date: Friday, September 27, 1963; 
Paper: Omaha World Herald
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The Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “The Hounds of the Baskervilles”

The Hounds of the Baskerville
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” When there is a crime committed upon us we all look to the law to help solve crimes.  And in this case death of Sir Charles Baskerville who was running for his life when he suffered the ill fated heart attack with a man known for his heart troubles; of Baskerville Hall Dr. James Mortimer sought out the best to Protect a Heir Sir Henry Baskerville of Baskerville fortune of 740,000 pounds, so he wouldn’t end up in the same fate of previous Baskervilles with curse of the Baskerville Hound.  There is a legend that surrounds the cursed family created around the time of one Sir Henry’s ancestors of the Baskerville’s.   Starting with Sir Hugo Baskerville; who was just pure evil and died a mysterious death with his throat torn out. In his reading of letter found among Sir Charles Baskerville papers he reads about family members and what become of them and are they really all accounted for.  Detective Sherlock Holmes asked about the surrounding area where the event of the so call murder to place; the names of current occupiers of the Moor territory
1.       Local Crank Mr. Frankland of Lafter Hall who disowned his daughter Mrs. Laura Lyons,
2.       Miss/Mrs. Beryl Stapleton the wife of Naturalist John/Jack Stapleton
3.        Butler John & Servant Eliza Barrymore of Baskerville Hall

 In the mind of Sherlock Holmes he didn’t believe in the supernatural and to play it off he sends his partner Dr. John Watson to Devon to protect Sir Henry Baskerville and he tells them that he is not going due to he had cases he needed to attend to and when in Fact he follows them to Devon.  Dr. Watson starts to be  aware of his surroundings and his first doubts was extreme dislike of the Naturalist John Stapleton and his treatment of his so called relationship with is his sister and when he learns about the Old Cranks Mr. Frankland’s daughter Mrs. Laura Lyon’s whom he disowned.  How do the women play into the Naturalist John Stapleton’s down fall  Miss Stapleton Knowing;  Mrs. Lyons Unknowing suspects  in the crimes of Naturalist Jon Stapleton and mainly to prove that the Baskerville Hound was pure nonsense.

Let’s start with Miss/Mrs. Beryl Stapleton [nee Vandeleur] the beautiful educated wife of the abusive and controlling Naturalist John Stapleton [nee Baskerville/Vandeleur] A.K.A. as his sister, she posed as his sister so she could be a free agent to move to help her husband the Naturalist Jack Stapleton the son of Rodger Baskerville and the grandson of Hugo Baskerville to reclaim the family fortune as the sole heir to the Baskerville fortune of 740,000 pounds.  However, when murder of innocent man Sir Charles Baskerville who was a sincerely nice man, Miss/Mrs. Stapleton had a serious change of heart when she started to warn potential victims of her husband’s crimes by using the letters and gum pastes using the Times paper of a person of high education and ink to Warn Sir Henry of danger.  “As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor, and  when she warns who she thought was Sir Henry and tells Dr. John Watson to leave Baskerville: “Go Back! “ She said. “Go straight back to London, instantly!” He tells her:  “I am Sir Henry’s friend and his welfare is a very close concern of his welfare.”  In return when his wife turns against him he beats her up and ties her up.

Mrs. Laura Lyons [nee Faukland] wife of the dead beat artist she married without her father’s Mr. Frankland’s of Lafter Hall consent and for that reason he disinherits his daughter from any financial support.  Naturalist John Stapleton uses her unknowingly and unfortunate financial circumstances and he knows fully that she is in love with him   devise the plot to murder Sir Charles Baskerville.  He tells Mrs. Lyons to write a letter to Sir Charles Baskerville to meet her in the Moor at 10 PM in the evening, also to burn the note, to avoid a scandal of being seen with a single man while she was still married to her husband to avoid gossip about being adulteress.  Then to further carryout his plans he tells her not to go because he is jealously in love with her.   Mrs. Lyons cooperates with the authorities against Naturalist John Stapleton when she learns from Detective Sherlock Holmes that he is A.K.A.  Mr. and Mrs. Vandeleur and a photograph are further produced to Mrs. Lyons as evidence of the relationship of Naturalist Jack Stapleton’s true identity and the true identity of his sister who in fact is really his wife.

The Butler John Barrymore and his Servant wife Eliza Barrymore have been faithful employers of the Baskerville Manor and at First Dr. Watson, had serious doubts about them until they were confronted by Sir Henry; and himself about all the sneaking around the Manor.  They confessed that the escape convict Seldon was in fact the brother of Servant Eliza Barrymore. [Who paid dearly  by wearing Sir Henry’s old clothing when the hound learned the scent of Henry when his boots came up missing during his stay at a London Hotel].  She didn’t have the heart to turn her brother in.  The Barrymore’s became more opened with Dr. Watson and Sir Henry when they found a charred letter and only found partial with the initials of L.L.  This ruled the Barrymore’s involvement out.

The surprise of a life time, Dr. Watson was being followed by Detective Sherlock Holmes; the pieces of the puzzle were coming together, however, Detective Holmes needed one more piece of the puzzle so he is dining with Sir Henry when he asked to see the Portrait Gallery of family members.  When it came to the portrait of Sir Hugo of Baskerville, Detective Holmes notices a resemblance of him and he compared it Naturalist John Stapleton and Evil Grandfather just like Evil Grandson.  He devises a plan to catch the bad seed of Hugo’s grandson by sending Sir Henry to Stapleton’s home.  Once Sir Henry leaves Detective Holmes and Dr. Watson are the watch for the hound which they suspect is a cross between Bloodhound and a Mastiff which chases Sir Henry.  Holmes shoots the animal and kills the animal.  He also detects phosphors a chemical to make the dog look vicious.  They chase after Stapleton only for him to disappear.  All the clues added up and Detective Holmes was spot on when always we are lead to believe that the Butler did it when it fact when the bad seed falls from the family tree.  Miss/Mrs. Beryl Stapleton refuse to be a part of murder and Mrs. Laura Lyon’s [nee Frankland] learns she was being deceived too were just a part of his failed planes to the family fortune all to himself. One other thing, Stapleton luck truly ran out when the best mind of Sherlock Holmes was in charge of the case.  It was like a game of cat and mouse chase only for the mouse to hide with no fortune.

By Jeannette K. Rook

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