Monday, August 27, 2007

Pleasureville Depot Inn

Pleasureville Depot Inn
Pleasureville Henry County Kentucky
Located on the Main Street.
July 28, 2007 My Sons and I went to this little town called Pleasureville Henry County Kentucky. We were on another one of our trips doing genealogy.
We also enjoy the Local Resturant's this was a cute little old Train Station Depot that was converted into a resturant.
The service was wonderful and the Local's were nice as can be.
My Son Robert enjoyed: Chicken Strips, with Steak Cut fries and a salad with Ranch
My Son Andrew enjoyed: Nice Juicy Cheeseburger with Steak Cut fries
I enjoyed BBQ Ribs with a Baked Potato, and nice Coleslaw.
The resturant was reasonably priced. The atmosphere is so wonderful and we were treated to the name of the town Pleasureville Food in nice style.
So stop in this nice little resturant.
It's nice and the food was wonderful, and my son's enjoy the little town. It is also 25 minutes east of Louisville Kentucky.
This resturant does not take debit cards or Credit cards. They take Cash or Check.
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