Friday, August 31, 2007

C.C. Cohen Restaurant 103 Market Square, Paduach Kentucky

Ask the EMPLOYEES, at the C.C. COHON RESTAURANT about Stella. They'll say she's the ghost who lives upstairs and wanders the restaurant at odd hours. Almost everyone has a story about coming into open the restaurant and finding the chairs moved or salt and peper shakers dumped.
Others will tell about lights and signs unplugged. They maybe talking about Stella Cohen Keine, who lived upstairs after her husband was killed in an alley nearby until her death in 1980. The upstairs "Palor" is a reproduction of the Cohen Sisters" living room. The Cohen sisters picture still hangs in the Parlor. See the story of Stella on the Travel Channel.
When visiting the restaurant you will find this paragraph located on the Menu.
As a genealogist you may find more about Stella cohen Peine at ANCESTRY.COM OR FAMILYSEARCH.ORG

Known to most Paducah residents as the Cohen Building, this important structure was built around 1865, probably for the firm of M. Livingston & Company. Afterward, it became a clothing store, a dry goods store, and, in 1914, a Paducah City Directory identified the occupants as the R.L Peacher Liquor Dealers and the Rehkopf Distilling Company.
The Cohen Family owned this distinctive corner from around 1921 until 1980, when the last member of the Cohen family, Stella Cohen Peine, died upstairs in her apartment.
Alan Raidt now owns the building and business known as C.C. Cohen Restaurant and Bar which now occupies the entire building. It is an important stop for both locals and tourists in the city.

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True Happiness is not the price tag?