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Name: Sherwood Berton Anderson
      Alias:  Jobby Anderson ert, Buck Fever, Zip Coon
      Special Note: Birth Record Lawrence
      Born: September 13, 1876 Camden, Preble ,Ohio, USA
      Died:  March 8, 1941 Colón Panama
    Spouse: Cornelia Platt Lane 1st
                      Tennessee Claflin Mitchell 2nd
                        Elizabeth Norma Prall 3rd
                        Eleanor Gladys Copenhaver 4th
      Parents: Irwin McLain Anderson
                       Emma Jane Anderson
       Occupation: Advertiser copyeditor/ Businessman / Author
                              Best Sellers Dark Laughter & Winesburg Ohio
       Cause of Death: peritonitis Intestinal Blockage
       Contribution: Swallowed tooth pick while eating olive
       United States Military:  Ohio Army National Guard
                                 Rank:  Corporal
       Date of Enlistment:  April 25, 1898
       Date of Mustard out:  May 24, 1899
       Disable American Veteran: Yes
       Served: Spanish American War
       Time of Death: 5:49 P.M. Panama Time
       Date of Burial: March 26, 1941
       Informant:  Eleanor Gladys Copenhaver Anderson 4th wife
       Cremation: Yes
       Informant: Mrs. Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson
       Religion: Agnostic
       Find A Grave Memorial# 29
                Find A Grave Memorial# 109141197
       Interment: Round Hill Cemetery. Marion Smyth County Virginia

All Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 results for Sherwood Anderson
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963)
Chicago, Illinois
27 Mar 1941

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All Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 results for Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson
 Marion, Va., March 26, [AP]. Sherwood Anderson, who died at Colon, Panama, March 8, while in route to Chile, was buried today in a grave overlooking the southwest Virginia town where he had edited two weekly newspapers and made his home for 15 years

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Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963)
Chicago, Illinois
27 Mar 1941


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Special Note:  Sherwood Anderson he was recorded as Lawrence Anderson  September 13, 1876 Camden, Preble ,Ohio, USA

Cornelia Platt Lane 

Name: Cornelia Platt Lane
Born: May 16, 1877; Toledo, Lucas ,Ohio, USA
Died:  April 29, 1967 Greenboro Nursing Home , Greensboro, Gilemore, North Carolina, USA
Spouse: Sherwood Berton Anderson
Parents: Robert Herber. Lane
                 Katherine “Kate” Pepple
Occupation: Public School Teacher—Michigan City, La Porta, Indiana, USA
                       Private School Teacher—Marion, Smyth, Virginia, USA
                       Taught English, French & Latin
Political: Socialist 
Hobby: Correcting English with her favorite Color the red pen
Cause of Death: Arteriosclerosis Heart Disease 
Date of Interment: May 1, 1967 
Social Security #: 230-42-3234 A
Age at Death: YRS: 89
Residence: 608 Windt St
                     Greensboro, Guilemore, North Carolina, USA
Certificate#: 12339
Funeral Home: W. Ray Funeral Home
                            Madison, Rockland, County North Carolina USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 63838823
Informant: Mrs. Marion “Mimi” Anderson Spear
Interment: Woodland Cemetery Madison Rockingham County North Carolina


First Wife of Author Dies
 MADISON—Mrs. Cornelia Lane Anderson, 89, of Madison, the first wife of the late Sherwood Anderson, the well-known American Author, died at 10:55 a.m. Saturday at the Greensboro Nursing Home.

Funeral Plans are incomplete.  They body is at Ray Funeral Home.
 She was a native of Toledo, Ohio, and was educated at Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.  She was a retired Latin Teacher, having taught for many years in Indiana and Virginia.  She had made her home in Madison since her retirement.

Survivors are daughter, Mrs. Russell Spear of Madison; son, John Sherwood Anderson of Chicago, Ill,; half-brothers, Everett Lane of Grand Rapids, Mich. And James Lane of Lakeland, Mich.
 Memorial Should be made to the Madison Library

Date: Sunday, April 30, 1967 
Paper: Greensboro Daily News (Greensboro, NC)  
Page: 14  This entire product and/or portions thereof are copyrighted by NewsBank and/or the American Antiquarian Society. 2004.

Married: 16 May 1904 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA
Marriage Lic#: 7022 
EOM: Divorce: Docket L 3025-8

Marriage Record

Date of   Divorce: July 27, 1916  Berrien County Court House by Circuit Court Judge George W. Bridgman
Divorce Documents Cornelia L. Anderson, Plaintiff, vs Sherwood Anderson, Defendant, in Docket L 3025-8 filed in the Circuit Court for the County of Berrien [Michigan], In Chancery.  The County Seat of Berrien is St. Joseph. 
Issues: Robert Lane, John Sherwood, and Marion “Miami” Anderson

Notes: Divorce Information Author Walter Bates Rideout 1st Volume American Novelist Sherwood Berton Anderson.


During Anderson’s second escape to Chicago, he met and fell in love with Cornelia Lane of Toledo. They married in 1904 and two years later they headed to Cleveland where he accepted the job as the president of the United Factories Company. After the birth of Cornelia and Sherwood’s first son, Robert in 1907, Anderson decided he needed to make more money to support his family. Anderson started up his own company and by 1908, Anderson Manufacturing Company was a success. Around the same time, his passion for literature increased. Anderson desperately tried to fulfill both his financial obligations to his family and his person obsession with literature, but the battle was difficult. Sherwood was also having trouble in his marriage. Anderson was quite the lady’s man and the marriage did not slow him down. On his business trips, “Anderson would slip away from them [business meetings], into an alley, for his own quick good time, or check into a hotel under an assumed name.” The tension between his personal gratifications, his troubled marriage and family obligations all came to a break down in November of 1912.




1.   Robert Lane. Anderson
    Born:  August 16, 1907 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
    Died: June 7, 1951 Marion, Smyth, Virginia, USA
    Spouse: Mary Leigh Chryst
    Parents: Sherwood Berton Anderson
                     Cornelia Platt Lane
    Occupation: Journalist
    Age at Death:  YRS: 44 MOS 10 DYS: 8
    Cause of Death: Sudden Death Natural after Vigilant
    Military Service: United States Navy Intelligence Officer
    Military Serial#: 138
    Political Party: Democrat
    President of the Young Republican Club
     Number: 227-03-3065; Issue State: Virginia; Issue Date: Before 1951
    Find A Grave Memorial# 82359742
    Funeral: Seaver & Son Funeral Home
                   Marion, Smyth, Virginia, USA
   Informant:  Mrs. Robert Lane Anderson deceased Wife
                        Marion, Smyth, Virginia, USA
    Physical Description: Weight: 160 Complexion: Light Eye Color:  Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5 10
    Political Office Held: Mayor of Marion Smyth County Virginia
    Interment: Round Hill Cemetery Marion Smyth County Virginia

Married: January 11, 1932, Smyth, Virginia, USA
EOM Death of Robert
Issues: Margaret Lane, And Elizabeth Anderson

Marion Publisher Mayor Succumbs

Marion, June 7,--[AP] Robert Lane Anderson, 44, mayor of Marion and newspaper publisher, died unexpectedly late this afternoon on the golf course here.

Anderson, editor and publisher of the Smythe County News, was the son of the late Sherwood Anderson, Novelist and playwright.  He succeeded his father as publisher of the paper.  He was a native of Ohio.

During World War II, Anderson served with the Navy.  He was active in civic Affairs here, was former president of the Marion Chamber of Commerce, and former president of the Marion Kiwanis Club.

Survivors include his wife, the former Mary Cryst; two daughters Misses Margaret and Elizabeth Anderson, of Marion; his mother. Mrs.c Cornelia Anderson, of Marion; one brother, John Anderson, of Abington; one sister, Mrs. Russell Spear, of Madison, N.C.

Daily Press Newport News Virginia, June 8, 1951 Fri Page 20 Robert Lane Anderson

Birth Record

Death Record



2.      John Sherwood. Anderson
 Born:  December 31, 1908   Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
 Died: July 7, 1995 5521 S. Dorchester St.
                                  Chicago Cook County Illinois
 Spouse:  Mary Eleanor Crist 
Parents: Sherwood Berton Anderson
                 Cornelia Platt Lane
 Occupation: Artist-Teacher
Residence: 5521 S. Dorchester St.
                     Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 60637
 Cause of Death: Personal
 Age at Death: 86 years, 6 months, 6 days
Death Certificate #: 612674
Funeral: Gerald Sullivan
                Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Social Security #: 224-12-6203
Physical Description: Weight: 150 Complexion: Light Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5 10 Military Draft WII#: 579-261
Cremated: July 11, 1995  Cremation Park Cemetery
                                              Romeoville, Will, Illinois, USA
Cremation Society of Illinois Society
                    6471 N. Northwest HWY.
                    Chicago, Cook, Ill, USA 60631
Informant: Mr. Peter C. Anderson [son of John]
Inurnment:  Park Crematory Romeoville, Illinois—Cremation Society of Illinois
6471               Northwest Hwy, Chicago Cook Ill 606331

Married: 13 Nov 1937 Virginia
EOM: Death of Mary [Eleanor]
Issues; Judith, Peter, and Mark Sherwood Anderson



John Sherwood Anderson

In December 1926, writer Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) and his wife Elizabeth took two of their three children, John (1908–1995), and Marion (aka Mimi, 1911–1996), to Paris. “Within a few days . . . Elizabeth entered Mimi in a private French girls school, and Sherwood placed John in a pension to pick up French and, at Gertrude Stein’s suggestion, in the Académie Julian to study painting. The Andersons joyfully attended the Christmas party Gertrude had invited them to . . . .” While both parents left Paris soon after, it was arranged that Mimi was to stay on at her school until June 1, John at the Académie until September 1.

“John . . . who had expected to find Stein someone ‘arty with a long cigarette holder,’ had seen her several times and was much impressed by her ‘horse sense.’ After the older Andersons had left, John called on her frequently and became one of her favorites. She noted that upon his parents’ leaving he at once changed from ‘an awkward shy boy’ to an assured, handsome young man; decades later he would think of his whole stay in Paris as a young art student as ‘a golden time.’” (Walter B. Rideout, Sherwood Anderson: a Writer in America, v.1 (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2006.)

Sherwood married his fourth wife Eleanor Copenhaver in 1933. The couple lived, on and off, at the exclusive the home of Mary Emmett (Mrs. Burton Emmett) at 54 Washington Mews in Greenwich Village. This painting was purchased by E.A. (presumably Elmer Adler) during the period they were at this address. In 1939, the writer came to Princeton to deliver a Spencer Trask Lecture entitled “Man and His Imagination.” He is quoted as saying, “The use of the imagination on a grand scale can lead to disastrous results. Every good storyteller is a born inventor, but when he lets his invention run away with him he destroys his story.” Daily Princetonian 64, no. 124 (20 October 1939). Elmer Adler brought Anderson’s painting to Princeton the next fall



3.Marion Mimi Anderson
    Born:  October 29, 1911 Elyria, Elyria County, Ohio 
    Died:   January 20, 1996 Madison, Rockingham, North Carolina, USA'
  Spouse: Russell   Mayo Spear
    Parents: Sherwood Berton Anderson
                     Cornelia Platt Lane
    Occupation: Newspaper Journalist
     Residence: Hunter St, Madison, Rockingham, North Carolina, USA
     Age at Death: YRS: 84 MOS: 4 DYS 20
    Cause of Death: Unknown
    Find A Grave Memorial# 155027165
    Funeral: A memorial service will be held 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Madison Public Library. 
   Mortuary: W. Ray Funeral Home 
                           Madison Rockingham North Carolina, USA 
    Cremation: January 22, 1996
                         Buried In four Parts of the world 
    Interment: Woodland Cemetery Madison Rockingham County North Carolina 

Married: 02 Apr 1932 North Amherst,  Essex ,Massachusetts, USA
EOM: Death of Russell Mayo Spear
Issues: Karyln, Michael & David

Marion Anderson Spear  in the North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-2004
Name: Marion Anderson Spear [Marion Anderson Anderson]  Gender: Female Race: White Marital Status: Widowed Social Security Number: 243483964 Father's Last Name: Anderson Age: 84 Date of Birth: 29 Oct 1911 Residence City: Madison Residence County: Rockingham Residence State: North Carolina Date of Death: 20 Jan 1996 Death City: Madison Death County: Rockingham Death State: North Carolina Autopsy: No Institution: Home Attendant: Physician Burial Location: Cremation in state Source Vendor: NC Department of Health. North Carolina Deaths, 1993-96


Lancaster Eagle Gazette Lancaster Ohio January 24, 1996 Wed Page: Marion Mimi Anderson Spear

Only daughter of Sherwood Anderson dies

Madison, N.C. [A.P.]—Marion “Mimi” Anderson son Spear, a newspaperwoman and the only daughter of author Sherwood Anderson, died Saturday after a long illness.  She was 84

Mrs. Spear was born to Anderson and his first wife, the late Cornelia Lane Anerson.

During her life as a newspaper woman, Mrs. Spear helped Anderson Scholars build biographies of the writer known for his novels and short stories, most notably his collection “Winesburg, Ohio.”

Anderson was a member f Gertrude Stein’s Paris Colony of authors and artists known as the “Lost Generation.”  In his memory, Mrs. Spear helped Organize the Sherwood Anderson Literary Foundation in 1989 to award Scholarships to young writers  Mrs. Spear was the widow of Russell Mayo Spear of Madison.  The coupled owned Madison’s newspaper, The Messenger, for more than 40 years.

Mrs. Spear is survived by a daughter and two sons.

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