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“Marie Dressler Marries George Francis Hopper A Fat, Freckles’ Red Hair Man The Treasurer for the Lillian Opera Company’ ‘A man with baggage of His own with a 37 year Chorus Girl Named Dora Rhinehardt who claims to be in a common Law marriage with him.”

“Marie Dressler Marries George Francis Hopper A Fat, Freckles’ Red Hair Man The Treasurer for the Lillian Opera Company’ ‘A man with baggage of His own with a 37 year Chorus Girl Named Dora Rhinehardt who claims to be in a common Law marriage with him.”


The Marriage starts out with Controversy with a Chorus Girl aged 37 by the name Dora Rhinehardt who was abandon by her variety actor husband George Harris and entered into a Common Law marriage with George Francis Hopper

The marriage between the beloved Actress Marie Dressler, AKA Leila Marie Koerber born November 9, 1869 Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada and died July 29, 1934 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, USA, The daughter of Alexander Rudolph Koerber and Anne Henderson. Entered into a marriage with a man named George Francis Hopper Treasurer for the Lillian Opera Company Who she described as fat, red hair and freckles of a man.

Now who is George Francis Hopper?  often referred to often in misspelling of his name George Hoeppert or as George Hoppert.  Neither name is correct.  George Francis Hopper was born 1862 in Baltimore, Maryland the son Alexander Hopper and Rebecca Waters. He was a manager and a Treasure in the Theatrical Business Where he met Marie while working as a Treasurer at the Lillian Opera Company.  He was described as Fat, Red Hair and Freckles’.  He was financially well off with his own assets.  On May 6, 1894 Greenville, Hudson, New Jersey, USA. Mr. Hopper enter into marriage with Leila Marie Koerber officiated by Dr. Chapman Episcopal Minister Witnessed by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Koerber.

The marriage was with controversy with a Chorus girl named Dora Rhinehardt 37 years who was abandon by her first husband George Harris a variety actor.  Dora claimed she entered into a Common Law Marriage with Mr. Hopper in 1887.  She cooked and slaved over his every need as if they were really married and she was behind his fortune and claims he had given her $1000. However, George claims it was for her to leave him alone. Then   She confronts Marie at the Casino and assaults MS. Dressler tells her that she has letters to prove her relationship and then she threatens legal action against her and not only she assaults her she hotly berates George and threatens legal action against him as well.

Legal Troubles [August 6-9, 1894] After only a couple of month of Marriage George is suing his employer Thomas Canary for money that was owed to him brought assault charges due Mr. Canary caused bodily harm to his employee   George Francis Hopper, ex-Treasurer of the Lillian Russell Opera Company, who charges Manager Thomas Canary, of the Casino, with assault on him arrested for an alleged assault, told his story to Judge Voorhis, at Jefferson Market Court, today.  Mr. Hopper entered in the Mr. Canary’s office demand money that was owed to him.  Mr. Canary refused and he assaulted George and refused to pay him. Then Mr. Canary gave his version, and they didn’t agree at all.  Canary alleged that instead of striking Hopper he had been assaulted by the latter.  In the struggle, he said, Hopper’s eye had been blackened.  Justice Voorhis entertained a complaint of disorderly conduct, and Canary was put under $500 bonds, which was furnished by Harry Miner.

Now the Divorce, On October 29, 1896 Judge Beach in the Special term of the Supreme Court grants Miss Dressler’s divorce due her matrimonial trouble were brought to the public notice when she horsewhipped, in the lobby of the Casino, the woman who had weaned her husband’s affections from her.  She was playing in the Lillian Russell Company, in 1894, when she met the man whom she afterward married, George F. Hopper.  She subsequently learned that another woman had been known as Mrs. Hopper for some years, though no marriage ceremony had been performed.  Mr. Hopper quickly drifted back to his former love.  The horsewhipping followed, and then the divorce suit.
Abraham H. Kaffenburgh, who served the summons and complaint on Mr. Hopper, in Miner’s Bowery Theatre, said in the defendant had remarked to him when he took the papers:

I think it is pretty late in the day to bring a suit against me.  My wife knew what my relations with this woman had been, both before and after our Marriage.

The divorce was finalized on November 12, 1896 with absolute divorce due to Mr. Hopper relationship continued with Rhinehardt.  MS.  Miss Dressler did not seek any damages or support due to she was self-sufficient and can take care of herself

George Francis Hopper died September 7, 1929 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA 67 years old, who died on Sunday was at one-time treasurer for Miner’s Bowery Theatre and Proctors Fifth Avenue Theatre.  He was born in Baltimore.  For Ten years he has been connected with the producing firm of Leffler and Bratton.  Funeral Services were held Campbell’s Funeral  at Broadway and 66th Street NYC, under the auspices of the Actors’ Fund of American.

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July 26, 2016

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