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Chapter One Animal Farm

Study Questions
1. What is the setting for the story?
The location of the Story begins on Mr. Jones Farm pg 1

Willingdon-Manor Farm

Mr. Jones of the Manor Farm pg 1

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. What four characteristics are noted about Boxer the horse?

..Boxer-who was a male
1. Was enormous beast nearly eighteen hands high, Pg 2
2. Somewhat stupid appearance with a white strip down his nose Pg 2/
3. Not of First rate intelligence Pg 2.
4. He was universally respected for his steadiness of character and tremendous powers of work. Pg 2.
3. What comment does Benjamin the donkey make that shows his cynicism and bad temper?

Benjamin was the oldest animal on the farm, and the worst tempered. He seldom talked, and when he did, it was usually to make some cynical remark. Pg 2

For instance, he would say that God had given him a tail to keep the flies off, but that he would sooner have had no tail and no flies. pg 2
4. How does Clover help the other animals at the meeting?

Clover made a sort of wall round [Ducklings which lost their mother] them with her great foreleg, and the ducklings nestled down inside it and promptly fell asleep. Pg 3
5. What does Old Major say is the reason the animals have such miserable lives?

It is summed up in a single word-Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove white man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overworked is abolished forever Pg 4.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. What is Major’s prediction about Boxer?

You Boxer, the very that those great muscles of yours lose their power; Jones will sell you to the Knacker... Who will cut your throat and boil you for the foxhounds. Pg 6

Note: Major’s prediction a came true for Boxer, however, not at the hands of humans. However at the hands of Napoleon Pg 93-95 Not only did Napoleon have him slaughter the grocer van returns and Napoleon feeds Boxer to the Pigs. Pg. 96

7. What decision is made concerning the status of wild creatures such as rats and rabbits?

Comrades, he said here is a point that must be settled. The Wild creatures, such as rats and Rabbits are they our friends or are they our enemies? Let us put it to the Vote, I propose this question to the meeting: Are rats Comrades?

The vote was taken at once, and it was agreed by an overwhelming majority that rats were comrades.

There were only four dissentients, the three dogs and cat, which were afterwards discovered to have voted both sides. Pg 7.

Dissenting from the opinion of the majority [Often used in American Law]
8. What is the name of the song Old Major teaches the...
Beast of England Pg 8

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